United Commercial Upholstery, the manufacturer of Suite Seats, recently pivoted their production to help supply those on the front lines with much needed PPE. Last month, when they first started to see desperate pleas from those in the medical field on social media, they decided that they could utilize their existing set up to help produce isolation gowns and face shields based on what they currently had in inventory.  

With their home state of MN closing select businesses and manufacturers due to the COVID-19 outbreak, UCU has been able to remain open as an essential business to produce PPE. It has allowed them to keep employees working while providing equipment that is in critically short supply.

       Because of the demand for these items and the amount of orders they have received, UCU had to create a second shift to maximize their production ability. Using 3 CNC fabric cutters and their talented team of sewers and upholsterers, they can produce about 1,500 isolation gowns and 20,000 face shields a day.

       The trend in customers has switched from primarily nursing care facilities to law enforcement agencies, fire departments and EMS and even funeral homes. They have been running at full capacity to fill orders and ship them as quickly as possible. Once the restraints on manufacturing is lifted, UCU will switch back over to their normal production and continue to produce PPE until it is no longer needed.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor

Article from GolfCartResource.com

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