(July 25, 2021) — Golf enjoyed a stunning surge in popularity in the second half of 2020, as new players joined golf regulars to fill tee sheets across the country. Participation soared. Equipment sales spiked. The big question heading into 2021 was, could golf continue the momentum?

Data is coming in, and the answer is clear: Yes!

According to the latest reports from the National Golf Foundation (NGF) total rounds played nationwide is tracking ahead of last year’s numbers – even those numbers in the second half of last year, when golfers were largely out of quarantine and able to participate in socially distanced outdoor activities. In June rounds were up .4% over 2020 and 24% year to date. In June of last year, many courses had reopened during the pandemic, creating a “euphoric” surge in participation as the sport was widely viewed as safe to play if precautions were followed.

Last year’s spike in participation kicked into high gear in July, and when that data is available for this year, the year-to-year comparison will become even more interesting.

The numbers in the equipment space are also encouraging, and that includes June data. Through June, the NGF reports that golf club and ball sales are up 77% YOY and up 35% from the same period in 2019. The number of shipments has returned to normal, seasonal levels, but with higher volume.

With so much forward momentum heading into the heart of summer, it looks like golf could be on track for yet another record-breaking year.

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