Sealed AGM, Gel, TPPL, and Lithium Ion batteries are often selected for use in golf cart fleets, pallet jacks, forklifts, scissor lifts, scrubbers, and emerging industrial applications such as solar arrays and UPS backups. With the new Advanced Battery Steward for Sealed Batteries system from Flow-Rite, it’s easy to wirelessly monitor the health of one or more batteries in the field with a mobile device to make informed maintenance decisions.

Leveraging IoT technology, the Advanced Battery Steward Sealed Battery Tracker monitors critical data like voltage and half-voltage, current in and out, temperature, and battery impact and angle. Each event and measurement is time and date stamped for Machine Learning (ML) processing to create high-value metrics and realistic gauges of battery performance. 

With the ability to display both the current battery state as well as view its history on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, it’s simple to identify events that may be putting a battery’s health at risk. A storage battery manager can, for example, take measurements to modify equipment utilization to optimize performance and increase longevity.

Pre-wired and easy to install, the Flow-Rite Advanced Battery Steward for Sealed Batteries is configured using a free intuitive Android or iOS app. Once set up, the user can monitor all their battery technologies on a single dashboard. The solution works with sealed battery technologies such as AGM, Gel, TPPL, Lithium Ion and Bipolar.

Contact Flow-Rite, 960 74th St. SW, Byron Center, MI 49315. 616-583-1700.;; LinkedIn: FlowRiteControls.

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