Maintaining electrolyte levels is critical to lead-acid battery performance and longevity, but this routine monitoring becomes difficult if the battery is not readily accessible. With the new Eagle Eye Essential IV Level Sensor from Flow-Rite, it’s as simple as seeing the bright green LED glowing to know water levels are correct. Plus, because the device doesn’t require drilling or cutting into the battery housing, it’s far safer and faster to install. The Eagle Eye Essential IV Level Sensor debuts at MODEX, March 28–31, Atlanta, booth B7122.

The Eagle Eye Essential IV Level Sensor features an engineered alloy probe for a long service life. Due to its unique design, it doesn’t need to be trimmed to fit. The LED Flow-Rite uses is the brightest in its class—up to six times that of the competition—to make visual inspections from a distance easy.

Because the Eagle Eye Essential IV Level Sensor doesn’t require modifying the battery, installation time is dramatically reduced. Plus, there’s no dangerous lead exposure or scrap to contend with.

RoHS-compliant, the Eagle Eye Essential IV Level Sensor functions in temperature extremes of -40° to 185° F. Pre-wired with 24” leads, it operates on 4V–12V DC and has a low current draw of 0.015 amps. Ring terminal and wire are covered with adhesive sealed heat shrink to prevent corrosion. Flow-Rite’s Eagle Eye Essential IV Level Sensor comes with a two-year warranty.

Contact Flow-Rite, 960 74th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315. 616-583-1700.;; Instagram: FlowRiteControls.


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