As the name implies, Evolution Electric Vehicles is constantly striving for a better, more efficient, and more aesthetic vehicle. An excellent visionary, they have managed to look ahead of the curve to make themselves a major player in the personal vehicle and LSV market, and next year will be no different. 

“2020 will be the year of the Evolution PLUS. Evolution has made huge strides to keep ourselves ahead and this year and will be introducing something very special with the newest, Classic PLUS and Forester PLUS series.” 

Evolutions’ ultimate goal is to produce a vehicle that is the epitome of what will fit the customers’ wants and needs. The Evolution Classic PLUS, and Forester PLUS are the latest in advances to meet that need. Everything that you’ve come to know and expect from Evolution remains and now include a plethora of brand-new options. In addition to the existing high demand components, these lines will be adding two-tone color matched seats, color matched decorative rims, a brand-new automotive dash with color matched framing, and a full 9-inch touch screen with bluetooth audio, mp5, speedometer, and rear-view camera. Rear flip out seats have also been upgraded to an all plastic, rust-free platform and includes extra cargo space storage compartment. As if that wasn’t enough, Evolution PLUS models will also come standard with industry leading Lithium-Ion batteries. 

“These are meant to add a longer run time, shorter charge time, and massively reduced maintenance headaches from typical lead-acid. Over time, every manufacturer gets to hear what the customers think and what they want. I don’t know about everyone else, but we make it our priority to listen. You asked for it, and I am very happy to say that as of now, you have it!”

Be sure to not sleep on this. Pre-orders are moving fast, but you’ve still got time to be the first in your city to put out these absolutely stunning vehicles into your showroom! For more information, please visit www.evolutionelectricvehicle.com.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor

Article from GolfCartResource.com

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