Stuart, fl (October 11, 2023) — The Elliott Museum stands as a tribute to the innovation of mobile technology, and on Saturday, November 18 the museum will celebrate the addition of an eBliss state-of-the-art ebike to its permanent collection. As ebikes and other electric vehicles grow in popularity, the eBliss Ride Radiant Carbon ebike will chronicle the next generation of transportation in Elliott’s historic retrospective, which spans the evolution of bicycle, motorcycle, and automotive development from 1889 to the present day.

To celebrate, a no-cost event is open to the public and includes free admission to the museum, live music and complimentary refreshments, with the opportunity to test drive several different models of eBliss electric bikes. In planned events throughout the day, representatives from both eBliss and the Elliott Museum will share insights to the future of the transportation industry. And, one lucky winner will take home a Radiant Carbon limited edition Class One ebike raffled off by eBliss and valued at $7,500.00. Guests will also be invited to learn more about programs and activities that support our veterans and first responders.

“Our exhibits and collections are a showcase for ingenuity and creativity,” says Robert Steele, President and CEO of the Elliott Museum. “For the past 60 years, the Elliott Museum has honored the legacy of inventor Sterling Elliott and his son Harmon Elliott, and we’re inspired to continue this work as we look ahead to the electric age of vehicles.” 

“Throughout modern history, innovations in transportation have started with bicycles…both Sterling Elliott and Henry Ford had patents for quadricycle vehicles, which were in essence the earliest car prototypes. The Wright Brothers started out as bicycle salesmen, and now eBliss has the opportunity to lead the next evolution in how Americans get from point A to point B. We’re excited to collaborate with the Elliott Museum, and it’s great fun to introduce leading-edge electric bikes to the South Florida lifestyle,” says Bill Klehm, CEO of eBliss.

The Ride Radiant Carbon is a limited-edition Class One ebike from eBliss. The Ride Radiant Carbon sports an electric assist motor that can reach up to 20 miles per hour, hydraulic brakes, a NuVinci continuously variable transmission, and a 630-watt battery that will last 100 miles. All wires are neatly tucked into a lightweight carbon fiber frame. 

eBliss launched earlier this year with an exclusive deal with Tomberlin, a leading electric low-speed vehicle distributor with 144 retail locations. The next line of eBliss bikes will be launched under the Always Bikes brand and sold exclusively at car dealerships in North America. This line will contain six models for a variety of different riders, lifestyles, and tasks. As of this release eBliss has agreements in place with over 40 dealers and is actively taking deposits from dealers to hold distribution locations.

About eBliss

eBliss Global is an e-mobility company innovating smarter, more sustainable ways for people to get to where they want to be. Through proprietary technology and an eye ever toward the future, eBliss is reshaping the transportation industry. Each eBliss vehicle is strategically designed to be long-lasting and maintenance-free, with a focus on simplicity and functionality, and is tailor-built for each rider’s specific needs, whether they be commuting, getting groceries, safely transporting families, making deliveries, or cruising with friends. eBliss is a company that moves people. Led by longtime innovators in the transportation and tech industries and creators of the NuVinci Continuously Variable Transmission, eBliss is disrupting and evolving how we think about everyday transportation. Driven by the conviction that we can achieve a more sustainable, efficient, and healthy world for all, eBliss delivers transportation solutions of the future—today.

About The Elliott Museum 

The Elliott Museum in Stuart, Florida, is a gem on the shore of South Florida’s Treasure Coast. Sterling Elliott, prolific inventor and namesake of the museum, was a pioneer in bicycle design, mechanical engineering, and social reform whose influence went far beyond the drawing board to help revolutionize the future of transportation in America and the world. Thomas Edison called Elliott the greatest genius he had ever known. Today, the Elliott Museum showcases an eclectic collection of historic bicycles, more than 100 stunning vintage automobiles and motorcycles, evocative art, and progressive Americana. In paying this tribute to Sterling Elliott, the Museum hopes his story will inspire children and adults alike to embrace his character and inventiveness in their own lives and work. The Elliott Museum is proud to announce that the eBliss ebike The Ride Radiant Carbon will be included in the Elliott’s permanent collection as a salute to the innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking ideas which move our culture in new directions.

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