AUSTIN, TX (December 18, 2023) — Rising e-mobility solutions company eBliss Global has reached an agreement with Petra Automotive Products, the fastest-growing automotive premium products manufacturer in the world, to use their North American distribution of dealership partners for the delivery, setup, and support of eBliss’ ALWAYS e-bikes. 

eBliss ALWAYS bikes are a low-maintenance e-bike line designed under the eBliss brand exclusively for auto dealerships. Riders of all walks of life will have an e-bike made for their needs, whether that be a folding e-bike perfect for a city commute, a cargo e-bike for running errands, or a fat tire e-bike for off-roading.  Entry-level models will start at $3,495.

“We are honored to partner with eBliss to bring ALWAYS e-bikes to market,” says Arnold Gacita, CEO and President of Petra Automotive. “This gives our dealer partners access to a fun and innovative new product they can use to capture those drivers who want freedom of movement regardless of vehicle ownership. E-Bikes are a logical addition for dealership showrooms.”

eBliss’ main goal is to help American consumers change how they think about transportation. While the myriad of issues with EV vehicles continues to lag production and adoption, e-Bikes are a fun and easy way for riders to get to where they’re going with a smaller overall footprint. “Over half of the 119 million rides Americans take every day are under three miles,” says Bill Klehm, CEO of eBliss Global. “e-Bikes are the perfect vehicles for these short trips to help lower carbon emissions and save riders money at the pump.” 

“We want to meet customers who may have never considered an e-bike before where they already buy vehicles,” adds Dave Boyle, Head of Automotive at eBliss Global. “We are ecstatic to be partnering with Petra Automotive Products, a company these dealers know and trust, to help facilitate future relationships with auto dealerships.” 

eBliss launched earlier this year with an exclusive deal with Tomberlin, a leading electric low-speed vehicle distributor with 144 retail locations. 

For more information on eBliss please visit www.ebliss.global.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor

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