Battery Monitoring Does Exist for FLA Deep Cycle Golf Car Batteries

Flow-Rite’s  latest Eagle Eye Deep Cycle Battery Level Sensor is now available in universal kits for deep cycle golf car batteries.  These kits include all the features & benefits of our other Pro-Fill kits for golf cars with one new feature, the Eagle Eye Deep Cycle Battery Level Sensor.

No need to drill into your battery

Super simple to understand. Red means water is required, green means good to go.

Handle on control module makes it easy to strap onto the battery

Low current draw

Flame arresting capability

No need to worry about where to place your wires with polarity protected wires

Compatible with most Flow-Rite Pro-Fill watering systems for deep cycle golf car batteries

The probe is made from a superalloy to survive in battery acid for 15+ years


Contact your Flow-Rite dealer for more information.  Don’t know who you Flow-Rite dealer is?  Give us a call (616-583-1700 and we will put you in touch with one.  

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor

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